Our Story So Far

In 2013, we sensed a change in the Enterprise solution market: no longer was it sufficient to have good, adhoc software applications to guarantee success. It was the dawn of IoT: smart meters deployed by utility companies like Oxxio made it increasingly apparent that leveraging the huge amounts of data available to corporations was paramount in the decision process and the creation of new services.

In keeping with their entrepreneurial spirit, our founders moved on from their previous venture to setup a big data company that could successively handle these kinds of Timeseries. The initial years focused then on the development and deployment of a purpose-built open source platform that integrates with numerous data streams, collecting and transforming data so it’s fit for business-critical decision making.

While delivering success cases in this domain, something else became increasingly apparent. Smart, high-usability applications were the perfect complement to big data for true, end-to-end success in the enterprise. The pragmatism typified by the low code approach struck us as being in line with our own DNA, and one technology in particular that was gaining widespread recognition on this domain caught our eye: the OutSystems platform.

So we expanded the company portfolio to include OutSystems as the other pillar of our delivery. Our growth in this area since 2016 has been unprecedented: adding to the strength of our specialist big-data team, we now have over a dozen highly-experienced dedicated OutSystems consultants in projects all over the Netherlands, placing us on the top 5 officially certified OutSystems partners in the Benelux.

On the back of this success, we decided to pull out all the stops in 2018 and make our proposition more widely known. We believe a new corporate identity that conveys the power that comes from being able to survey your digital domain from an unobstructed vantage point is in order to allow companies to better understand why they should partner with us.

Welcome to Valuga - the apex of smart, data-driven OutSystems application development

What We Stand For

Bringing Value to business,
through big-data Analytics and Low-code development of User-friendly applications
that promote company Growth and Ambition !