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Need an OutSystems partner for your Big Data, IoT, Machine learning or User Experience challenge? We can help you!

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As a full service partner, we combine all our expertise to deliver high quality products to our clients. Our experts are all qualified within their own field of knowledge. With their experience in OutSystems, Big Data application and User Experience, they are able to lift your company to a higher level in terms of innovation. Together, we can make the complex simple

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We have solutions that can be modeled for multiple business cases. Thanks to our innovation team we have a flexible layer that can easily link with an OutSystems Module. Suffice it to say, the technology is already there. Walk us through your business processes, rules and regulations and we can help you find a match to your business wishes.

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Connecting the dots to
make the complex simple

We have the best certified developers, industry recognized experts, trainers and specialists in all fields of Rapid Application Development (RAD), UX & UI, Agile, Java, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile app development and the Cloud.

The world is ever changing, and so is your business. You thrive to offer the best products and services to your customers. Valuga can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of competition!

We combine the ability to develop innovative apps lightning fast with the advanced analytical capabilities of our own Big Data / IoT platform to create intelligent desktop, tablet and mobile apps.

Perform better, work more efficient and be able to quickly adapt to future changes with our smart solutions!

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How it all started

Valuga joined the world in 2016, to help customers find simple solutions for complex problems. With the OutSystems platform our experts develop rapid applications making all data easily accessible in a clean, user friendly manner. In the years that followed, Valuga grew with people from all over the world. Dutch household names like Randstad, Holland Casino, CZ and Eneco valued the ease in which our OutSystems Experts understood their complex environments. Creating applications that are seamlessly implemented and easy to use for everyone who comes into contact with them.

With over twenty highly experienced dedicated OutSystems consultants, Valuga helps clients develop innovative apps with advanced big data and IoT analytics capabilities. To achieve the best user-centered applications, Valuga includes User Experience experts that keep top of mind the people who use the apps. While our ambition is to keep creating smart solutions with new technology for our customers.

“The OutSystems Experts, connecting the dots to make the complex simple.”

Meet Valuga

“If you have a good idea, people will listen to you. Better yet, we will look together on how to realise it!”

Alexander Bouma OutSystems consultant

Alexander Bouma

A Career at Valuga means...

Valuga, the OutSystems experts, is a young, fast growing firm that specializes in the OutSystems Development platform. Our consultants are among the best, industry recognized experts and we build intelligent, context-aware and proactive solutions for our clients which are Cloud-ready and multi-channel (desktop/tablet/phone). We envision and create great apps using OutSystems. However, to really turn great apps into smart apps, we add the capabilities of our own Big Data platform!

The combination of these two powerful IT technologies provides us with the means to quickly collect, analyse and consolidate large time series of data. We can apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to make predictions based on the collected data, such as the app for the Oxxio smart meter.

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