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Black belts in OutSystems development!

We have the best certified developers, industry recognized experts, trainers and specialists in all fields of Rapid Application Development (RAD),  UX & UI, Agile, Java, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile app development and the Cloud.

The world is ever changing, and so is your business. You thrive to offer the best products and services to your customers. Valuga can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of competition!

We combine the ability to develop innovative apps lightning fast with the advanced analytical capabilities of our own Big Data / IoT platform to create intelligent desktop, tablet and mobile apps.

Perform better, work more efficient and be able to quickly adapt to future changes with our smart solutions!

“Valuga has been our innovative Big Data partner for two years now. Together we opened up a whole new world of possibilities.”

Joos Luteijn – Digital Lead Eneco

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Big Data / IoT

When combining the Gather and Process phases you get Big Data. This is one of the two main specialties that Valuga offers. Data is gathered and processed to make an application ‘smart’, so it is inherently better able to support decision making processes, predict moments of action, monitor your assets, etcetera.


Valuga’s experts have extensive knowledge in the field of Big Data analytics, i.e. Machine learning, Algorithms, Neural networks and Blockchain. Valuga also supplies a Big Data platform called the Valuga Analytics platform, which seamlessly connect to OutSystems Rapid Application Development platform, offering clients Big Data-in-a-box-like capabilities.

Rapid Application Development

Do you want to develop 6x faster than traditional development allows? Do you need better IT & Business alignment? Valuga uses the industry-acclaimed OutSystems low-code platform to accelerate your business!
Develop and deploy new business concepts in weeks instead of months. We provide a wide range of OutSystems expertise, from Expert-level developers to project managers, from agile coaching and to UX/UI advisory and design.

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