Our Story So Far

In 2013, 2,809 meters up at the top of the Austrian mountain Valluga, while taking in the majestic scenery, our founding fathers had a vision for the future... Big data emerged and came knocking down our doors in the Enterprise solution market and we recognized this growing market. In reaction, we rapidly developed a radical platform to store and analyze Big data. The search was on to find an easy way to present these insights and data.

Success was booked when OutSystems caught our eye! The pragmatism of rapid application development or low code in combination with widespread recognition and endless, future potential made it the obvious choice.

Valuga joined the world in 2016, to help customers find simple solutions for complex problems. With the OutSystems platform our experts develop rapid applications making all data easily accessible in a clean, user friendly manner.

In the years that followed, Valuga grew with people from all over the world. Dutch household names like Randstad, Holland Casino, CZ and Eneco valued the ease in which our OutSystems Experts understood their complex environment. Creating applications that are seamlessly implemented and easy to use for everyone who comes into contact with them.

To achieve the best user-centered applications, Valuga grew to include User Experience experts that keep top of mind the people who use the apps. While our ambition to keep creating smart solutions with new technology for our customers, brought the Innovation team to life.

Together we are Valuga and as Valugans, we all strive to achieve the same goal.

Valuga - The OutSystems Experts, connecting the dots to make the complex simple.

What We Stand For

Valugans are tough cookies that bring value and change to the business. We create user-friendly apps in OutSystems combined with new technologies that support growth and ambition !